Who We Are

EventNext offers marketers turnkey, disruptive brand experiences from ideation to execution and everything in between. EventNext’s event-centric approach enables marketers to integrate their experiential campaigns with all other marketing efforts to achieve maximum results.

EventNext is committed to generating buzz, capturing leads, qualifying them, and even closing these leads—all in house.

Innovation – Many in the industry boast about it; EventNext delivers it.
EventNext is passionate about creating what’s next in brand assets and in event technology. Whether converting a shipping container into a pop-up retail store, transforming a mobile stage into a 2-story exhibition, or utilizing proprietary lead generation technology, EventNext innovates to deliver greater impact, traffic, and returns for each of its clients.

Execution – Great creative is only as good as it is executed in the field.
A lot of agencies commit their best talent to generating an idea for client experiences but take the execution for granted. As a result, the idea unravels on site.

At EventNext, our experienced management team understands and delivers flawless event execution. We possess some of the most sought-after tour supervisors, tour field staff, and in-market talent in the country. Our management team ensures that our field teams are well-
organized and focused on best representing our clients at each event and meeting ROI objectives.

Why EventNext

  • Best-in-Class Creative – Proven capability to deliver the big idea that generates buzz, attracts crowds, and, most importantly, delivers results for each experiential campaign.
  • Superior Field Execution – EventNext understands that field staff, event selection, lead generation, and more can turn good campaigns into great ones.
  • Experience – The leaders at EventNext helped pioneer new types of consumer experiences. They have a strong heritage in verticals such as B2B, automotive, telecom, media, and technology clients.
  • Results – EventNext’s management team has won numerous EX Awards and other industry honors for creativity, integration, and performance. Common threads found in all of these executions were the creative solutions to difficult client challenges and the extraordinary financial results they achieved; EventNext can bring this same strategic thinking to you.