About US

EventNext is an experiential marketing agency that offers marketers, turn-key, disruptive brand experiences that are entertaining, memorable and measurable

EventNext differentiates itself from competitors through its award-winning creative, industry experience and best-in-class field teams. The agency has a history of producing successful, results-oriented campaigns for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Headquartered just outside of Detroit, EventNext embraces its underdog, blue-collar, hands-dirty persona. Our teams tackle the difficult work most other agencies pass on. If your company is seeking big agency creative and results, but want attentive, boutique agency account service, give us a call.

  • Award-Winning Creative

    EventNext has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to deliver big ideas that disrupt; the more disruptive, the more memorable our campaigns are. Each campaign is created to attract targeted audiences, generate buzz and deliver relevant, measurable results.

  • Superior Field Execution

    EventNext knows that often, the most overlooked element in consumer event activations are the teams selected to represent client brands in the field. Our uniquely trained On-Site Managers, Product Specialists and Brand Ambassadors transform good campaigns into great ones.

  • Experience

    EventNext has a legacy of success activating events in multiple verticals including automotive, telcom, technology, media and more. The management team at EventNext is among the most experienced group in the country.

  • Results

    This team of thinkers and doers has won multiple EX Awards and other industry honors for creative, integration and exceptional client results. Common threads in all of these campaigns were the strategies and creative solutions EventNext developed to solve difficult client challenges. Let us put this strategic and creative thinking to work for your brand.

Let us help your brand outsmart your competitors, not outspend them.

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